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Silent Sunday 17/3/13


Silent Sunday


28 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 17/3/13

  1. Makes the bathroom so much more groovy, don’t you think? All bathrooms need a bit of colour! Just wait until you find your first rude message on the wall 😀

  2. Assuming they are magnetic and assuming the tiled wall is NOT metal HOW did you do that???? PLEASE DO TELL as I would LOVE those for Aaron. He is hungry to learn his letters and to then read.
    Liska xx

    • They’re a really fun way to learn letters! They just stick to surfaces when wet. I can’t remember the brand name but I can try to find out 🙂

    • We got them from either Tesco or Sainsburys, can’t remember the brand sorry. Ellie loves to play with them & they’re a great way to teach letters & words. She asked me which one was ‘dih’ (we sound out the letters) for ‘Daddy’ recently 🙂

  3. you got to love foam letters in the bath… such organisation tho, ours always get left EVERYWHERE!

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