Fun & a First at the Farm

We crammed in so much over the Easter weekend that I’ve been struggling to keep up with posting about it!

The plan was to go out somewhere great, all four of us, every day.

On Friday it was the country park we love, Saturday we went swimming for the first time in ages & Sunday was a place we’d only recently discovered when we went to a birthday party there for Jake & Ellie’s friend.

It’s a ‘Fun Farm’: it has a playground & farm animals outside, & a big indoor space to run around in with an adventure playground & nifty little cars with a little racetrack to zooom on, as well as money-sucking coin-op rides.

We have an excellent soft-play place near us but, even though they’re well below the maximum age for it, we think they may be starting to outgrow it. They seem to prefer the bigger stuff here! You have to go early though as from late morning it seems to get increasingly busy & can become almost dangerously crowded. Unlike the soft-play place there’s no staff supervision at all, & it can get a little rough.

They love it though:

click any image to enlarge


And we had a first: Ellie & Jake’s first go on a ‘grown-up’ swing! Ellie was first: she’s a little thrill-seeker, & still kept shouting “Bigger!” to me. Jake had a go too, but he’s a bit more cautious; he may have inherited his Daddy’s dislike of heights!

That reminds me: I really must buy a new jacket…

And I nearly launched her into space:


Another great outing at Easter!

Learning for Life

Outdoor Play Party


11 thoughts on “Fun & a First at the Farm”

  1. Love those big open spaces. The farm play area looks good (and clean for a farm). Our “local” just down the road is great, but acres of (frozen) mud at the moment. Sad how quickly they “outgrow” things!

    1. It’s quite sanitised; the animals are in pens & spread apart.If it’s a working farm that bit is separated off. It’s a big old space alright though! I fee like ours have grown up very quickly too, even though they’re only 3

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