IMPORTANT: Public Health Wales’ Advice on Measles Epidemic

I was going to make this a series of tweets but I think this information is important enough that it should have a more permanent place here on my blog.

If you’ve been following the news you will know that there is currently a measles epidemic centred around Swansea in south Wales.

As of today there have been 541 cases, of which at least 51 have resulted in hospitalisation. The figures have gone up by more than 100 in a week and health experts are urging parents to ensure their children receive the MMR vaccine.

Public Health Wales warn that the risk of unvaccinated children coming into contact with those already infected is “increasing every day”.

It added that it was “just a matter of time” before a child was left with serious and permanent complications, such as eye disorders, deafness or brain damage, or even dies.

The full story is here.

The following is vital information about who should be vaccinated & when if you live in or have recently been in the outbreak area. It is copied from an email I received from Public Health Wales this afternoon.

Outbreak Area: Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Llanelli

The following is guidance for those residing in or travelling to an area where there is an outbreak of measles

Age < 6 mths 6 – 12 mths   13mths – 3 yrs 4 mths   Unvaccinated children over 3 yrs 4m and adults < 45 years Adults > 45 years
  No previous MMR No Previous MMR 1 previous dose of MMR
No vaccination Give one dose of MMR vaccine. Another 2 doses (at 13 months and 3-5 years) will be required in line with UK schedule.   Give one MMR and follow with 2nd dose at recommended schedule (3 yrs and 4 mths) Bring forward second dose. There must be at least a month gap between doses. If child under 18 mths and if second dose given within 3 mths of the first  give  third dose at recommended schedule (3 yrs and four months) 2 doses of MMR at least 1 month apart Are likely to be immune. However MMR can be offered


There is a free MMR vaccination session on Saturday, 6 April from 10:00 to 16:00 BST at the Princess of Wales (Bridgend) paediatric outpatients department. It is aimed at children but jabs will be available for anyone born after 1970 and who has not had measles or been vaccinated against it.

GPs’ surgeries & clinics in & around the outbreak area also have drop-in sessions.

If you might be affected please don’t play Russian Roulette with your children’s health: please make sure they, &  others around them,  are protected!

Thank you for reading.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible


5 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Public Health Wales’ Advice on Measles Epidemic”

  1. Thanks for blogging this, I hadn’t thought to blog it before as I tend to stay away from controversial stuff. But I think if just one or two people read it and make the effort to vaccinate their children, then it’s worth it. I’m phoning up the GP tomorrow to get him his preschool booster.

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