MasterChef, Jallie-style

Jake & Ellie were playing ‘shops’ yesterday.

They had a little counter with a food mixer toy on 1 side & little stools on the other. Jake was in charge, & taking orders.

He asked me what I wanted, I asked for coffee, so he went about frantically filling the bowl up, enthusiastically chattering away non-stop all the while, then working the mixer. He gave me a big bowlful of delicious pretend coffee & I slurped it up.

Ellie wanted dinner. “I want pasta and cheesy pasta and broccoli and carrots. And pasta, and cheesy pasta, and carrots, and broccoli. And cheesy pasta and pasta.  And broccoli. And carrots”.

I think it’s probably her favourite meal: Cheesy pasta and broccoli and carrots. And pasta. And…

I think she was hungry.

MasterChef Jake somehow whipped it all up in seconds, & Ellie also managed to eat it all just as quickly.

And she also ate really well in the evening when she had her real dinner, so maybe she was hungry!

No pasta, though, or cheesy pasta. Or broccoli. Lasagne & garlic bread. But there were carrots!

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8 thoughts on “MasterChef, Jallie-style”

  1. I love watching them playing like this. And joining in! When it’s nice and we get outside, Heather always wants to play cafes on the patio. Megan doesn’t quite get it, but then she is only 2.

  2. So cute! Ellie has good taste! Miss S and Little M are always bringing me tea, then coffee then hot chocolate from their kitchen – all in quick succession. And then throw some pancakes into the mix. This happens about 4 times a day! Love their role play!

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