Messy Play

Jake & Ellie’s Snow White & Batman outfits, a present from my in-laws, arrived today. I expected dressing up & playing with those to take up most of the afternoon but after some initial enthusiasm, & swapping costumes, they seemed to lose interest fairly quickly. They’d just woken up from their nap, & I’m sure they’ll have more fun with them another time.

What they really wanted to do was messy play. So messy play they did!

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I love how seriously they seem to take it, & the concentration they give to it.

It also highlights how different they are. As before, Jake was talking non-stop, chattering away in his cute but often hard to understand way. Ellie was all quiet, seemingly methodical, focus.

The main thing is that they both really enjoyed it & several times asked for top-ups!

I hope we can do more & messier play in the future, especially if / when we move to a home with more space as we hope.

I’m linking up with Jennie’s ‘Messy Play for Matilda Mae’ blog-link, set up in honour of her beautiful messy play loving baby girl who she so sadly lost to SIDS in February. Lots of us a making a mess for her! To see more messy play posts just click the pic:

Edspire  Messy Play


8 thoughts on “Messy Play”

    1. All food yes! Flour & water, juice, organix snacks, egg, malt crunchies, grapes & dried fruit. As much as I’d like to take credit for it my wife put it together 🙂

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