What a muddy mess!

From almost as soon as they could walk, and probably before, Jake & Ellie have loved playing with water.


This morning things were a bit strange outside. There seemed to be something there…let’s see if I can remember…called – that’s it! – ‘Sun’. A little bit, anyway. And it wasn’t too windy, or cold. I believe it may even possibly be something that might be called…(thinks)…(dare I say it?!): ‘Spring’.

They carried on this morning where they left off last night: mucking about with water!


I think they were trying to create a Muddy Puddle. So please note the footwear, because – as many parents will know – “If you want to jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots”.

It’s not as straightforward here as it was in the old house. There we had an outside tap & a big hose. Here I have to fill up the watering can from the kitchen sink then carry it the length of the house into the garden. Admittedly that’s not very far! Still a hassle though. If we were staying here I’d probably run the hose through.


The Method then seems to be pouring the water from the watering can into little buckets, then pouring the water from there onto the grass & the compost-enhanced concrete. And they take turns, which is good. Co-operative play: what we parents like to see!


Then it’s time for some enjoyment of the fruits of their labour: jumping up & down in muddy puddles!


Oops: looks like Ellie’s got her top a bit wet! We did have to change all her clothes afterwards…


Jake decided the puddle just wasn’t muddy enough, & needed a bit more compost. After my pointing out that there was already a fair bit of dirt around in the grass he seemed to accept my suggestion that the compost should stay where it is…


Then: job done, muddy puddles made, it was time to celebrate on the trampoline!


And yes, I know: the garden is a mess. I promise to tidy it up a bit before we move!

I’m joining up with the Mummies & Daddies doing  ‘Messy Play for Matilda Mae’. It’s a blog-link, set up by the lovely Jennie in honour of her beautiful messy play loving baby girl who she so sadly lost to SIDS in February. Lots of us are making a mess for her! To see more messy play posts just click the pic:

Edspire  Messy Play


5 thoughts on “What a muddy mess!”

  1. How wonderful! With spring (finally) here we’ve been out in the garden a lot this week – my boys would love to create muddy puddles… Not sure my neighbour would be so keen though 🙂 Love the photos – they’re having such a good time! Great #MessyPlay 🙂

  2. You know, sometimes I spend ages thinking up or preparing new and exciting messy play ideas… turns out the best are the most simplest of all! I forget how much mine love doing this so thank you! You have inspired me!

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