A Wedding Anniversary Playlist for Will & Kate

April 29th.

The second wedding anniversary of everyone’s favourite royal couple, Will & Kate: also known as the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.

To mark the occasion I’m putting together an anniversary playlist. And because it gives me the chance to win yummy Panasonic NE Series wireless speakers!

They seem to be very much in love.

So the first song for their playlist has to be a love song, right? It’s one of my personal favourites, and it’s about Destiny. The destiny of 2 people who are meant to be together.

Destiny of course plays a major role in the life of a member of the Royal Family. After all Will is The Man Who Would Be King.

It probably hasn’t escaped many people’s attention that Kate is 6 months pregnant, due in July. Which gives me the perfect excuse to play another of my favourite songs, and 1 of the best music videos ever made to boot:

When the baby is born? I expect there will be a lot of this:

And if that admonition doesn’t work, the result could well be…!

So, Happy Anniversary Will & Kate: and good luck!


Thoughts? Feel free to share:

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