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The Gallery: Expressions

I love how expressive Jake & Ellie are.1-DSC00626



3 photos – 2 from a country park on the weekend, 1 from after their first day of pre-school – 6 different facial expressions.

I love that they seem to have bags of personality, & are able to express themselves in this way.

With their faces they can express so many things: cheekiness, concentration, joy, thoughtfulness, sadness, anger, frustration.

I love that they are so able to be free with their faces, to not feel confined, to feel able to be themselves. I’m convinced that being this way makes for a happier life: reduces frustration, allows joys & sorrows to be shared: not locked up, or trapped inside.

Expressive children! Long may they be so.

I’m linking up with Tara’s ‘The Gallery’ feature on her ‘Sticky Fingers’ blog. For more, just click the pic:



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