Scenes From a Country Park

We’re so lucky here to be just a drive away from the most fantastic country park, which we love so much & which we’ve tried to visit weekly, all year round & in all sorts of weather.

The range of  things to see & do is fantastic, & the twins love it. Not only that but entrance, along with most of the attractions, is free; you just pay for parking. We of course have a season ticket!

Now that it’s (allegedly) Spring & the train is up & running again we’ve settled back into our ‘warm weather’ (ha!) routine.


The little train runs from near the entrance & chugs past farmland; through woodlands where you can try to spot nesting birds; past farm animals; past a lake full of ducks, geese & swans and with wonderful vistas of fields, hills, the ‘castle’ & even an iron age fort emerging through the trees.  It stops at the castle, then goes back.



If it’s the afternoon (meaning “after their nap”!) we’ll probably head to the cafe for lunch.

Then we’re off down the track to the lake to feed the birds. Jake & Ellie just love it. Yesterday there was a particularly aggressive & very noisy goose chasing off all the other birds, which Ellie was both frightened & fascinated by. They had a right old ding-dong of a shouting contest; & I’m pretty sure Ellie won!


There’s usually an activity on the lake: for instance remote-controlled model boats, swimming rescue dogs, canoes, barrel boat racing.


After that it’s down to the adventure playground: a great collection of stuff to climb in, up, down, through, over & around.


The last couple of times we’ve gone it’s been in the morning, & after they’re had a good play here they’re usually ready for their nap. Otherwise we’d head down to the farm trail to look at the farm animals: turkeys, chickens, rabbits, goats, including rare breeds. Then head back through the winding woodland trail with its weird & wonderful wood sculptures.

Instead we then head back up past the lake & take the short route back to the car: which is great for heroic scooting!


That’s if we can make it past the cafe…


You know, I think I could get used to this country living! How do you think I would look in tweed?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
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15 thoughts on “Scenes From a Country Park”

  1. Hi JD, thanks for linking my blog at the bottom of your post. A lot of my best memories as a kid were visiting parks where I live. I also have a little boy who is almost 2, and we would be lost without the country parks here in the north east where we can take him to explore and learn, and most of all to get outside and get fresh air. Great post. Fingers crossed for plenty of sunny weather and family days out, it’s what it’s all about!

  2. I do love the look of your country park and am quite envious of a train that stays on the track! We managed 3 clear rounds on ours today so I am ever hopefull we will be offering rtides for our holiday guests before too long. Don’t laugh at a tweet jacket, Farmer Nick has got a few! Thanks for linking up some lovely photos, looks like the kids earned their ice cream after all that scooting and playing.

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