Slug at first sight

So we were playing in the garden this afternoon, in the sunshine. We were throwing a ball, picking flowers & (I think) pretending to be characters from Lazy Town. As you do. I think I was the Mayor.

This would be such a great photo if it wasn’t for those boxer shorts…

Ellie sees something moving on the concrete, & rushes over to it.

“Ooh look! What’s that Daddy?!”

I look. “I think it’s a slug. A baby slug.”

Now she’s really excited. “A BABY SLUG!! OOOH, IT’S GORGEOUS!!”

Ellie likes babies, & is refreshingly free from prejudice as to which particular species thay may belong to. Or how slimy they are.

She rushes inside: “Look Mummy: A BABY SLUG!! IT’S GORGEOUS!!”

The Mummy doesn’t share Ellie’s enthusiasm for slugs, even baby ones.

In fact I think it’s fair to say that she doesn’t like slugs at all.

Undaunted, Ellie returns to her new love. “What is it doing, Daddy?”

“I think it’s probably trying to find food.”

“Yes! It’s trying to find food for its Mummy & its Daddy & its cousins” (Ellie likes having cousins) “and its babies!”

1-DSC00712She & Jake then decide that it should eat their ‘wiggles’: worm-like fruity sweets that they don’t like at all & that they had already scattered for the birds. They were then duly distributed around Baby Slug for him to eat.

It occurred to me that it was probably trying to get out of the sun. And – of course – having listened to me as I explained that slugs ate leaves & the like they then set about picking leaves & covering Baby Slug with them.

Then it of course needed water. So a jug of said stuff was fetched, & poured for Baby Slug. They were very good, just pouring it around, & not on top of, their new friend. There was rather a lot of it though…

Satisfied that they had thoroughly provided for Gorgeous Baby Slug, they ran off to put more flowers on the trampoline. Which I think had became the Mayor of Lazy Town’s airplane, but I’m not entirely sure.

And what of our friend?

Have you heard the phrase “Killing with kindness?”

He appeared to be…sleeping.


Although when I later went out to retrieve my boxer shorts he had gone, so maybe my lovely little carers really had looked after him well!

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