Space or stuff – can I have both?

I’ve written before about how frustrating it is here to have so little space; the house is fine for 1 or 2 people but add active young twins and it’s just way too small. I have to admit ‘though that with twins running around we found space to be a problem even in our old home. I expect we will too even after we move; we could always do with a little more space.

A lot of the things the twins had when they were babies I’ve given away or taken to charity shops. A lot of it is still in storage! I could really do with selling some of the larger things, but it’s difficult when most of it is in another country!

It’s not as if we don’t need the money. We’ve been paying the mortgage on an empty house for a year, as well as full Council Tax now: thank you Mr Cameron. I know that times are hard, and saving money is a necessity. These adorable little 3-year-olds of ours just won’t stop growing – I’ve asked them to stop really really nicely but they just won’t listen – so we’ll always need to buy new stuff for them. 1-DSC00565

With them having just started pre-school, for instance, we don’t need reminding that children’s gear can be pretty expensive. We’re always on the lookout for places where we can get hold of inexpensive stuff that will last ages so a competition where you can win loads of stuff has to be worth a look.

Bounty itself also seems worth having a look at, if only because of the community; there is a lively community board there full of great advice for both new & experienced parents, & lively debate. I’m quietly smug now that I can actually answer a fair few questions, as well as ask them.

Every month, Bounty offer a prize draw with some pretty amazing prizes. This month you could win £2000 worth of baby products. All you need to do is sign up to become a member of the site, which is easy enough.

With twins you need two of everything! That’s not just food – nappies, prams, cots. It’s double the trouble – but to be fair, double the fun. Mostly. Anything that could save me money has to be a good thing, so if anyone comes across any more competitions and the like that might be of interest to Dads of young kids just let me know!

Disclosure: in association with Bounty


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