Best Friends Forever: A Magic Moment

I’ve written before (here, and also here) about how Ellie seemed to be going through a ‘girly’ phase, how she’d told Jake that he was no longer her best friend, & that it was instead a girl from their little playgroup.  Jake seemed a bit sad when she told him, as he said Ellie was still his best friend.

On Saturday while I was in the kitchen making lunch for them, I heard this wafting in from the lounge:

Jake: “So I’m your best friend now?”

Ellie: “Yes”

Jake: “I’ve always loved you”

Ellie: “And I love you”

I walked in on a great big cwtch.

My eyes met with Jake’s & we shared a smile…

Definitely a Magic Moment 🙂

For more magic moments just click the pic:


11 thoughts on “Best Friends Forever: A Magic Moment”

  1. Ah that’s beautiful! Definitely brought a tear to my eye. Over-hearing those little conversations is magical. x

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