A Healthy Snack

Walkers have brought out a new healthy range of snacks for kids, called “Hoops and Crosses”, & I’ve been lucky enough to have received some.

As you can see, the packaging is great:


Not only did I not have to fight any big-eared TV football presenters for them but they even came with a cute, cuddly monkey! Which, of course, the twins love.

And do they taste as good as they look?

Well, yes. The ones I had were roast beef flavour, & they were delicious, thank you very much.  They also come in prawn cocktail and salt & vinegar flavours.

And their healthy credentials? Why listen to me when the nice monkeys can tell the story?

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We’ve always been keen on Jake & Ellie eating a healthy, balanced diet, even in their snacks, so a tasty & fun snack made from wholegrains & with no artificial colours or preservatives will do very nicely.

We’re very fussy about salt here though, so the only downside for me is that the sodium content is a little bit too high for us to want to include it in every day’s lunchbox – but for a weekly snack they would be fine.

It’s a nice touch that they’re in the shape of noughts & crosses, so while they’re eating you can also make the snacking into a fun & educational game.

And if that footballer does turn up I’ll fight him for it!

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