Tree-Trunk Drum Fun!

We love our country park!

After the adventure playground or the farm trail we go back through a woodland walk. Right at the start of it is a natural playground sculpted from tree-trunks: both artistic & fun!


The taller trunks are actually drums. They have slits cut into them & in such a way that they make a different noise depending on where you bang them with a stick.

Jake & Ellie however are more interested in climbing & jumping!


The game used to be that I had to lift them onto the first stump then zoom them through the air  – while saying “WEEEE!”, of course – to the next one.

Now that they’re so much more physically able they just need me to lift them on then they jump off. Which is just as well as I have a bad back at the moment, to go with my dodgy shoulder!

After we’d done that & run around for a bit they discovered something new: a low-hanging branch to swing from!


This is another new activity here. As with many other things they’d seen some older children doing it & so of course wanted to try it themselves. Not always a good idea, but this time it was fine!

They hung, they swung – and they fell! But they’re physically capable enough they have no problem doing that either.


And they had a swingin’ good time!



1-DSC00907I may have spoilt the mood slightly however by insisting on singing “I’m the King  / Queen of the Swingers, the jungle VIP” etc. to them afterwards…


Bad singing aside, it’s a magical little spot & one we all enjoy

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13 thoughts on “Tree-Trunk Drum Fun!”

  1. Oh wow these craved tree trunks look amazing! What a lovely place to have near you. Looks like your little ones had loads of fun in the sun and swinging on trees. Great post 🙂
    Just stopping by from Country Kids

    Laura x

    1. I was a bit surprised they weren’t more interested; they certainly don;t hold back with the drums at their music group! Maybe they realised that they can only swing & jump there, but they can play the drums at either place!

  2. Simple outdoor play is perfect for little ones. Allowing them to stretch themselves a little and experience falling from a height unlikely to hurt them gives them a good sense of what is and isn’t possible. Great learning while having fun. Hope the shoulder is OK. A perfect Country Kids post.

    1. Thank you! I think you’re right, & very well put, although we hadn’t really thought of that. I guess it just seemed safe so we let them at it! Coincidentally I’m going in for a post-scan appointment for my shoulder today; thanks 🙂

  3. What a really lovely post and what a really fantastic place i love that low branch for swinging although i would of snapped it!! .. well you have to join in dont ya?? lol

    Thanks for linking up with #ActiveFamily 🙂 x

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