And they say the NHS isn’t working!

Dr. Ellie was in the house.

There are a few instruments missing but Jake & Ellie decided that they needed them in bed. And I’m not sure what the carrots are doing there.

She was looking for work & needed a patient.

I was It.

Something got stuck into my ear.

I asked the Doctor, looking suitably concerned, what it said.

“You’re very hot”, she said.

She gave me something to drink, out of what I thought looked like a bottle of pills.

It tasted horrible!

Then there were more tests.

Things were put in my mouth. Jake joined in by injecting something into my chest.

1-DSC00930Then the Doctor became concerned about my knees.

She went in for a close look with her specialist knee-viewing instrument.

After some time, she looked up.

She seemed worried.

“They’ve got fish in them”.

Umm – can I have a second opinion please?

This post is part of the ‘Shoulder to Shoulder to Day’ blog-hop series: bloggers on a mission to cheer up a Mum of 3 while she is having treatment for cancer which isolates her from her family for a month.

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Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

Wot So Funee?

23 thoughts on “And they say the NHS isn’t working!”

  1. Brilliant! I’ve often wondered if I have fish in my knees, it would explain a lot. Also, doesn’t kids playing doctor make you a little worried about their own experiences at the GP? The things my son says and does when he is Doctor S don’t bear any relation to our usual doctor’s visits….

  2. I love the way kids imaginations work, why wouldn’t there be fish in your knee?!? I’m sure one time I’ve had giraffes in my ear…not a pleasant experience!

    Hopping over from Wot So Funee.

  3. Right, I’m trying again – eveyone’s blog is suddenly spamming me so I may be in there. But I said something about carrots in weird places – maybe that’s what sent me to spam …

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