The Ellie Conundrum

We were bravely attempting to watch 1 of our favourite TV comedies, with the twins about. They were in a good mood as they’d just come back from a scoot to the playground.

We were laughing.

Ellie: “Is this 1 of your funny shows?”

We laughed at a particularly good bit.

Ellie: “What did he say?”

Me: “Reductio ad absurdum” (it was ‘The Big Bang Theory‘)

Ellie: “Rude-word!”

Apparently there were a lot of ‘rude-words’ in that episode.

As an aside the Mummy said “You know, I don’t think <Ellie’s friends, sisters> know what a willy is?”

Ellie: “It’s something that’s long”

We laughed, again.

And I’m still not sure which was funnier: Sheldon & co., or her.

Who needs funny shows when you’ve got an Ellie?


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