Goslings, rope bridges & zip-wires

We had a very active week last week. So active that I haven’t had much of either time or energy to post about it!

The in-laws were visiting & I had to spend a lot of my time at the old house clearing everything out & moving it here ready for the new tenants. It was a much bigger job than I’d anticipated.

I was around on Saturday though & it was Country Park time!

I’d bravely / foolishly left the buggy behind & taken only their scooters, but we were fine. When they got a bit tired heading back we helped each other out.

We’d got there early as it was dry & sunny & forecast to stay that way. There was a chilly wind there though & that seemed to have kept a lot of people away, so for a lot of the time we almost had the place to ourselves! We caught the first train & it was strange being the only passengers, stopping frequently while the driver stopped to pick up rubbish en route.

It’s definitely spring, at least according to the geese there.

click any image to enlarge

It made feeding the birds even more fun than usual!



1-DSC00985In the adventure playground the rope bridge had been walled up for several weeks for repairs, much to Jake & Ellie’s disappointment. Today it was up & running again & they headed straight for it.

It’s usually really scary for them; they try to do it by themselves but get scared & I have to help them over.

Not today though! Jake even nonchalantly strolled across using only 1 hand!

1-DSC00992Once across a little air-guitar celebration was called for of course:

1-DSC00997Definitely a magic moment!

It’s amazing to me how they could become so much more physically confident in such a short period of time!

They demonstrated it again this morning, at a nearby adventure playground. They saw older kids on a zip-wire (‘flying-fox’) & decided that they had to do it too! The first time they were too scared, but they went back & absolutely loved it! It was all they wanted to do from then on, stopping only for ice-cream & for a much-needed nap. Jake was even able to pull himself up & jump on without any help from me!

These little guys never cease to amaze me.

Let’s hope they grow up with a bit more sense than their silly Daddy, who chose a very bad time to forget to recharge his camera batteries…

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10 thoughts on “Goslings, rope bridges & zip-wires”

  1. Give children a little freedom to explore and climb and they soon become confident. Looks like your two are really loving that rope bridge, a great way to climb safely and discover balance. Ahh to the goslings, none for us on the farm yet this year but still hoping! Thanks for linking up before the batteries ran out!

  2. that park looks fantastic!! i am a wimp and would of struggled with the rope bridge. I love the air guitar!!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up this amazing trip with #MagicMoments 🙂

  3. It’s great seeing them gaining confidence and doing things all on their own. It’s always at the playground that I notice how big my wee man is getting as he demands to do it all by himself!

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