My wonderful twins Jake & Ellie have been inspiring me.

I’ve been so impressed with their determination.

They want to do almost everything they see anyone else, especially older children, doing.

Even if – especially if? – it scares them.

They seem to think that almost nothing is, or should be, beyond them. Such self-belief, such confidence!

Perhaps not always grounded in reality, but it’s there nonetheless. And it seems to be working for them.

In April, for instance, they launched themselves into climbing a tree, completely independently.


They got stuck, & cried. I lifted them out – then they climbed straight back up again!

On Saturday we had the rope bridge. The first chance they’d had to climb it for weeks, normally they’d attempt it, get scared & I’d help them across. This time they charged over as if it was the easiest thing in the world. There were a few shouts of “I did it!” on the other side!

click to enlarge

On Monday they insisted on going on a zip-wire for the first time. After being too scared at first, they went back & loved it.

Then last night they spontaneously did rock-clambering for the first time, & really took to it – again with their determination overcoming their fears.

click to enlarge

They’ve seen something they wanted to do, overcome their fears & just gone & done it.

Life is full of obstacles. Things that it can throw at us can be daunting, overwhelming even. Or, in Ellie’s words: “a bit scary”.

There are things that we should do in order to have a better life, & things that we must do.

From things like providing for your family – emotionally, mentally, financially – to things like fighting cancer.

Jake & Ellie are determined, & strong. They fight their fears, & conquer them.

They are an inspiration. I have challenges to face, challenges which sometimes seem overwhelming. They have spurred me on to see that I can overcome my fears, that I can be determined, that I can fight & that I can win.

If these little 3-year-olds can do that then so can I. And so can we all.

Emma has. Cancer came at her, and she fought back. “Cancer we’re coming to get you!” is her war-cry. She’s been through a really hard time – but she’s winning.

She’s faced her fears, she’s fought for herself & for her family, & she’s coming out on top.

Jake & Ellie overcome. Emma overcomes. And so can we all.

So I’ll see you on the other side. And together we can shout “I did it!”

This post is my entry for today’s ‘Shoulder To Shoulder To Day’ blog-hop: bloggers coming together to support Emma Day in her fight against cancer, especially while she was receiving treatment in isolation & unable to be with her family.

There are some great posts there; to read them, or to add your own,  just click here

Shoulder to Shoulder to Day


7 thoughts on “Overcoming”

  1. Children can be very resilient and us parents… Well we worry if they show no fear and we worry if they show too much. Either way, they always make us proud.

    Thankyou for linking up such a lovely post to #S2S2D and saying such nice things about me. Love the photos. Xx

  2. That’s awesome. My kids are the same way, they see something and they try to conquer it. Just this weekend my 4yo daughter had her first major waterslide adventure and wants to do it again.

  3. Great post.The twins’ determination is inspiring – probably being there to support each other really helps. My two boys have always spurred each other on too.
    Emma is an incredibly inspiring person and I’m so glad we have all been able to play our little part in helping support her through this tough time.

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