A Chocolatey Magic Moment

It was Father’s Day & Jake & Ellie had very kindly ‘given’ me – in that lovely way that young children with a Mummy give things to their Dads – a lovely signed card & a Terry’s chocolate orange.  (“It’s not Terry’s, it’s…” – Oh shut up!)

They were delighted to share a piece or 2 with me, of course.

They wanted to know what I had I done to deserve such a lavish gift.

“It’s for being a really good Dad”, kindly explained the Mummy.

Good Dad or no, I still haven’t got it into by head that Jake & Ellie are now tall enough to see pretty much everything on the kitchen counter. For that is where I had carefully hidden the remains of the Wondrous Gift.

Jake spotted it a bit later.

To my amazement he didn’t even ask, let alone demand, some more of it.

Instead he just seemed to think out loud, saying:

“I wonder how good I have to be to get one of those”

He, & and Ellie, can be funny, fun & boisterous.

But I also love it when they show a more serious & thoughtful side.

A good Dad? Maybe. A chocolatey Dad? At least once a year!

A proud Dad? During magic moments like that, definitely!

And he got some more chocolate…

For more magic moments just click the pic:


8 thoughts on “A Chocolatey Magic Moment”

  1. So sweet of them. I wondered the same thing during this year’s father’s and mother’s days when my three year old gave us crafts from school. Do they even know what the heck they’re doing this for lol? Glad you got yourself a yummy treat 🙂

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