Saturday is a Sandy Caption Day!

click to enlarge

Got a caption for this? It can be witty, silly, profound – anything you like!

Then just click the little boy’s head for more:

In other news: I’ve been nominated! Which is nice. The good folks over at “VoiceBoks: The Voice of Parenthood” have very kindly put this blog up for their “Top 50 Dad Blogs of 2013” award. So if you feel so inclined as to mosey on over & give me a click (here, then search for “Whiskey” or scroll down) I would be much obliged! Thang you very much.


2 thoughts on “Saturday is a Sandy Caption Day!”

  1. He says: “Look, I’m rock-hopping in the horizontal plane!”

    She says: “Whatever. Now shut up, I’m working on my windswept and interesting look, ok?””

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