Saturday is a Moving Caption Day!

We’ve moved! Finally.

We’re still unpacking & moving stuff between the house & the garage, unpacking boxes, rearranging: all the usual stuff. (By the way, does anyone actually use their garage for cars anymore? They’re just storage space now aren’t they?)

It must be great being a child sometimes: anything is an opportunity for play.

Jake & Ellie both love hiding away in any nook or cranny they can find.

As part of “helping Daddy” Ellie decided to shut herself in the bookcase & “play shopkeepers”.

It’s worth paying her a visit: you can pick up a tasty doughnut for as little as 2p. On the other hand one of her luxury ice-creams might set you back a million hundred pounds!

So what do you think? Can you give this photo a fun caption? As ever I’d love to see what you come up with!

Our usual hostess with the mostest Mammasaurus is on her hol’s at the moment so today’s SatCap linky is being hosted over at “Yellow Days”.  Just click the link to see more SatCap posts or to join in. And, as ever, have fun!




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