Climb Every Rope-Bridge

I was very proud on the weekend.

On Saturday we went to a local fun farm. Inside it has a great adventure playground, & nifty little racing cars; outside there are farm animals to feed, walks & another playground.

There’s a fantastic high slide that Jake & Ellie love to go on. The problem is to get to it you have to climb over a high rope-bridge. It has big holes, no flat ‘floor’, is quite a long way up & is wobbly.

The slide doesn’t phase them at all (even though it’s supposed to…) – they love it!

So it’s my job to stand by the rope bridge & carry them over, wait for the next one to run up the stairs, & repeat. Sometimes they insist I go down the slide with them.

It’s quite tiring!

But that’s OK; it’s not as if I don’t need the exercise…

Not this time: Ellie went over all by herself!


She actually had to psych herself up. She sat for several minutes watching other children cross, making several attempts to go, then sitting down again. Every time I offered my hand she complained & refused my help.

I am so often in awe of her, & Jake. “Are they even my kids?!” I wonder sometimes! (I’ve checked – they are, honest.)

She was clearly scared, but determined to do it.

After some time her determination overcame her fear, she got up & she walked over – all by herself – again refusing all offers of help, even while clearly scared.

It took a while, & there was a little queue of surprisingly patient children stretching out behind her, but she did it!

Every subsequent crossing was quicker & more confident; now she walks over as if it was a stroll down the hall.

When Jake saw what was going on he had to follow suit, of course. That’s pretty normal with these twins of ours!

I’ve said it before, but it’s true: my children are an inspiration to me.

It’s an amazing thing when 3-year-olds by their own example can motivate you to do better in own life – but they do.

I’m so proud of them, & I love them dearly.

I’m linking up with The Crumby Mummy’s ‘Fun Photo Fun’ today. For more posts like this just click the pic:


7 thoughts on “Climb Every Rope-Bridge”

  1. Well done Ellie & Jake! Glad they managed to do it. Your time at the park will be much more relaxing now! 🙂 It often surprises me how fearless Bob is. Children are much braver than we are. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Nice! We can definitely learn a lot from our kids. It’s so cool to see them achieve something, especially if they were previously scared of it.

  3. I know that feeling, when your kids inspire you to do better. I think that must be why I had mine, to keep me going 😉 She sounds fab – watch out though, I too have a determined girl, it certainly takes us places… 😉

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