Car Wars

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Parents of twins, or indeed of 2 or more children: do yours have ‘favourite fights’?

Ours do.

Sitting in “the driver’s seat” – the car seat behind the actual driver’s seat – is probably the main one right now.

“It’s my turn to sit in the driver’s seat!” “No, it’s my turn!” “My turn!” “No, mine!”. And so on.

I used to use the tactic of “Whoever’s first to the car gets to sit in the driver’s seat” when I picked them up from preschool. No more! It may have got them moving but it almost always ended in tears, especially as they were usually tired & due a nap.

Most of the time I can’t remember whose turn it is; I really need to get a system in place.

On Monday as we were heading off to soft-play it was the usual. Jake got there first, with Ellie complaining.

But then….!

Jake seemed to sit & think for a bit.

He then said something like “No, I think it is Ellie’s turn.” (Picking up a toy from the other seat) “Ellie was playing with this yesterday so she must have been in the other seat.”

He then gave the driver’s seat to Ellie.

Ellie was pleased.

I was flabberghasted.

And when I picked my jaw up from the ground I realised I’d found my system: thanks, m’boy!

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2 thoughts on “Car Wars”

  1. reading this i just had that ‘awww bless’ moment! what a really thoughtful boy Jake is! it really does seem that the growing up just keeps happening (although in my opinion wat too fast!)

    Thank you for linking up this lovely post with #MagicMoments x

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