Meanwhile, back at the farm…

Would you believe I’m still catching up on posts I’ve wanted to write since my blogging hiatus in July? Well I am!

On July 23rd we had a great day out at Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo in Pembrokeshire & I think it deserves a post, however late!

The last time we went there it was bitterly cold, & very crowded. Fun: but demanding.

This time the weather was good & there were far fewer people & children to jostle with.

In fact we had the fairground rides to ourselves!

Daddy this is great fun but you really need to get a camera that’s better at capturing moving objects!
Young lady, are your hands on the wheel?!
Young lady, are your hands on the wheel?!
You in front: step on it!
You in front: step on it!
Where are the pedals? There are pedals in Daddy's car!
Where are the pedals? There are pedals in Daddy’s car!

The farm vehicles were a favourite again, especially as there was (a little) less competition for them:

‘ere you, get orff – this is moi tracterr!

Jake & Ellie are both in a phase where they seem to have totally lost interest in animals. Feeding the birds in the lake & seeing the farm animals at our local country park used to be a highlight: they just don’t seem interested now. It’s the same with feeding the farm animals at our local fun farm.

So it was a surprise when the indoor activity that they seemed to most enjoy was milking an artificial cow! I guess it’s because it’s something novel, & that they’d never done before. It’s still odd!

Want some milk, Mummy?

After lunch Jake & I played with remote-controlled boats, & they both played in the indoor adventure & soft-play areas & had a ride on a horse-racing arcade machine. Which we had to drag them away from!

Despite appearances we did actually make the most of the good weather & spend time outdoors. I just don’t have any photos of it! There were more children outside & I’m often a bit reluctant to take pictures of other people’s children.

We had a great time there though. There are several great adventure play areas: big slides, shipwrecked boats to clamber on, assault-course type ones.

While wandering off to find a loo I made a great discovery: go-carts! If they are tall enough children can go as passengers, & Jake & Ellie now are! Jake was more keen than Ellie so the boys headed off for some high-octane action while the girls stayed behind & played in a sand-pit.

There was such a long queue though that they eventually joined us & we all went on together. I was very impressed with their patience in waiting, especially Jake: he must have been waiting half an hour even before the girls joined us! My how they’ve grown!

This was probably the highlight of our whole trip: we all loved it, especially Jake. The carts were really stable; slow enough so as not to be dangerous to young children, but fast enough to be exciting for them.

And we overtook the girls twice: nothing like getting behind the wheel to bring out my competitive side, I guess! We all really enjoyed it.

The one downside was that the website led us to believe that there would be a magic show: it was probably the highlight of our last visit. It hadn’t started yet; Folly Farm’s definition of “school holidays” appears to be different to everyone else’s. The organisers really need to sort this out; it’s not the first time we’ve been misled about the attractions here. Call me old-fashioned but I don’t think you should stick a picture of a tiger on the front of your brochure when you don’t actually have any! It’s not nice to dash the hopes of young children.

Despite that we had a great time & are planning to go again for their Pirate Day at the end of the month. And there’d better be a magic show!

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3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the farm…”

  1. I can see how much fun the children had by their happy faces in the photos, it’s no wonder that you return, it certainly seems to have a lot of activities for a fun filled day. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun outdoor adventure with Country Kids.

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