What happens when you give the ‘phone to a 3-year-old

Jake & Ellie both love their Nanny – my wife’s Mum – and enjoy talking to her on the ‘phone.

Jake – ever the joker – is quite brief these days: usually just a shouted “Hello, Goodbye!” before running off.

Ellie however likes to ‘chat’, although I only ever get to hear one side of the conversation.

Here’s a recent one:


“Yeah”, smiling & nodding.



“Oh yeah!”


“She has hair on her legs”

(At this point the Mummy turned a funny colour, made a strange noise & nearly said ‘a rude word’, muttering something like “you have to be so careful what you say…”)*



“OK!”, skipping off innocently.

It’s – as they say – good to talk!

Just maybe not so much in the hearing of young children…

* We think she was talking about a girl at pre-school, by the way

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10 thoughts on “What happens when you give the ‘phone to a 3-year-old”

  1. That’s priceless! I love earwigging on my three year old’s phone chats too… though the one-sided one she had at the V&A on one of those phones that reels of info went something like, “uha, uha, uha. Yes and then she killed him”. Didn’t even dare ask what that was about…

  2. definitely have to be careful – the number of things I’ve thought I wasn’t talking that loudly about that have been repeated recently are getting more frequent! I can’t ever be on the phone these days without having it snatched from me either! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I bet Nanny was just talking about school and baking and never even noticed that she said that about hairy legs. Oh, wait… it’s our Grandma that likes to exercise her voice against all odds ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Oh, that’s brilliant! We now FaceTime primarily and our 18mo spends the whole time saying ‘hiya, hiya’! Then ‘ba-bye’ before running off, then back again to start it all over again! The 7yo mainly says ‘yeah’! I prefer FaceTime… I can hear both sides of the conversation… ๐Ÿ™‚

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