Can a crisp be both tasty and healthy?

We’ve always tried to do our best right from their birth – as I’m sure we all do – to provide our children with the most nutritious foods that we can.

1-DSCF3873-001From when they first started weaning we tried to practice ‘baby-led feeding’; our version of it, anyway. We presented them with food we thought was nutritious & healthy, but we didn’t try to force it on them; rather ‘encourage’.  If there was a food they really didn’t like we’d try something else.

Coincidentally they started weaning almost exactly 3 years ago!


We like to think we’ve done OK. The last time we checked Ellie’s favourite meal was “pasta and cheesy pasta and broccoli and carrots. And pasta, and cheesy pasta, and carrots, and broccoli. And cheesy pasta and pasta. And broccoli. And carrots”.

They’re good with eating vegetables & they regularly eat fruit for breakfast, lunch & as snacks; 1 of their favourite desserts is peaches. They rarely drink anything other than semi-skimmed milk, fruit juice or water.

Yes, they like chocolate & ice-cream – who doesn’t?! – but in moderation: as ‘treats’, not staples.

We introduced them to fruit & vege as soon as we could, and – along with that – food that could be better described as ‘snacks’. Often with children these can be seen as – and often indeed are – unhealthy. We’ve never believed that. Why can’t something be good for you as well as tasty?

The Organix range have been really good healthy & tasty snacks; as well as things like rice biscuits, Brioche & – since we moved here – Welsh Cakes.  To be honest though I think they’re starting to outgrow them, & are wanting to move on to more ‘grown-up’ snacks.

We’ve been a bit wary of these: most of them seem to have a lot of artificial additives, high salt content & high fat.

So, drum-roll please:


Introducing: new Walkers Mighty Lights!

Are they low-fat?


Are they free of artificial additives?


Are low in salt?


I was pleasantly surprised at that. Other healthy crisps I’ve seen have still been a little too high in salt for our liking, although we are quite fussy about that.

They have 30% less fat than your usual crisp, & no artificial flavouring or colouring.

OK, they’re healthy, blah blah blah – so what? So are lentils! But do they taste any good?


To me they have the same tangy full-flavour taste typical of Walkers crisps – & crinkle-cut just as I like them.  With less fat, less salt, & with all natural ingredients.

There was a downside: Ellie said she didn’t like them. To be fair she is going through a bit of a fussy phase; there are a few things she’s been like that with recently. And it didn’t stop her eating quite a few of them!

The boys however thought they were great. There were more than a few “Yum!”s coming from the Jake direction while we were munching away.

So I can recommend these: tasty, low in fat, low in salt, nothing artificial.

If you’re looking for a tasty snack that doesn’t leave you worrying about what they might do to your & your family’s health or waistlines then these are ideal.

This is a sponsored post. All the opinions expressed however are mine, and all the words – even the big ones – are my own.



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