How to buy designer clothes without breaking the bank

Today I’m writing about a website for a range of online designer clothes for men: ‘Bench’. Why not have a look?: Bench range sold at Littlewoods

To be honest I wasn’t really sure how to go about it, then I had a sudden burst of inspiration. I decided –  a bit like that bloke who ‘liked it so much he bought the company’, but on a slightly smaller scale – that the best way to go about it was to actually buy some stuff for myself. So I did!

And not only that but I get to have the doubly exciting prospect of launching my new career as a fashion model!

So why look at the sexy young thrusting young male model on the website, when you could check me out? In the words of Will Smith, “I make this look goood”…


As you can see, I’m ready for anything! And I get to have the word “Bench” written on my behind: something my wife was particularly impressed by.

Seriously, for designer jeans they are surprisingly comfortable. I’m a bit of an awkward shape, to be honest, what with my “short, fat, hairy legs” & muscular (ahem) hips, but they were a good fit.

I was disappointed to find that they have a button fly: it was my fault, to be fair, as it does state that very clearly in the description. I usually find them a tad awkward. These however are fine – very easy to undo & do up again, so that was a very pleasant surprise.

The beauty of buying from Littlewoods is that you can get designer gear without putting a big hole in your wallet. As well as paying in full, you also have the option of spreading the payments over a number of months, interest-free. And of course you can spread payments out even longer at a reasonable rate of interest if you so choose.

I can recommend this. I like the jeans, & with the onset of the lovely Autumn weather recently I think I may need to invest in a good warm, water-proof coat. I now know that I can also get one that looks really good as well as keeping me warm & dry.

So, why not pop on over to the website, have a look & grab something that takes your fancy?

And tell ’em JallieDaddy  – the dude in the cool jeans – sent ya!

This post was written in collaboration with Littlewoods, but I selected & paid for the clothing myself. All opinions expressed are mine & all the words – even the long ones – are my own.


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