This really wasn’t my idea – but it was fun anyway

Today it rained, & has been quite cold.

I was taking them to our favourite soft play place but when we arrived it was inexplicably closed, & not for the first time. Only this time there was a “To Let” sign at the front. That’s as disappointing as it is surprising; it’s probably the best soft-play place I’ve ever seen.

I never really managed to convince them it was closed. I kept hearing “Maybe they didn’t know we were coming”, and “We should ‘phone to tell them we’re coming then they’ll open up”. Nonetheless we set off for another soft-play place, although they were still convinced that the first one had moved & that we were going there!

We’ve been there several times & they’re really enjoyed it. Oddly though Jake was adamant he didn’t want to go. I thought he’d change his mind when we got there, but he didn’t!

We ended up going to a local fun farm, which both Jake & Ellie were keen on. Me: less so, mostly as by now it was a 50-minute drive.

But all’s well, etc.: there’s loads to do there & we had a great time, staying most of the day.

They love the adventure play areas, the little car-racing track, being around so many other children, & trying to gate-crash birthday parties!

As I was taking Jake to the loo I saw the door open to the outside attractions, & saw several goats staring in at us hopefully.

“Hey, Jake – look at the goats!”

He looked.

Call it “spontaneous”, call it “speaking without thinking”, call it “stupid”.

Next it was: “I want to go outside to feed the animals”. “Me too!”

Did I mention rain? And cold?

Although they had their raincoats I’d come prepared for nice, warm, dry soft-play, not a muddy farm. No proper raincoat & not-quite-waterproof slip-on shoes.

Oh, well. They enjoyed feeding the goats, even though 1 snatched Ellie’s bag of feed right out of her hand. We “Oohed” & “Aahed” at the fluffy ducks & rabbits, & enjoyed watching the sheep, the little ponies & the pigs.

They insisted on going on the swings, ignoring Daddy’s talk of “wet bottoms”.

Swinging in the Mist

Common sense soon prevailed however, so they disembarked & headed for the tractors. After I actually managed to talk them out of going in the adventure play area!





Actually it was good fun despite the weather.

Although by the time we stopped at the little play-houses – again – & I was asked to “be The Big Bad Wolf” I was starting to get a little grumpy. I politely suggested we go inside…

The ‘inside bit’ is that way, the other side of the fog…


…where we enjoyed some slightly less rural pursuits!


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4 thoughts on “This really wasn’t my idea – but it was fun anyway”

  1. What a good sport you are Daddy, especially on such a dreary day! They obviously weren’t that bothered about the weather and getting wet bottoms. It sounds like they had a fab time at the farm both in and outdoors! Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  2. Love the swings in the mist!
    I always remember going on an EYFS course where they taught us “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” – your little ones totally prove the point that they don’t care about the weather or being wet half as much as we do 😉

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