We Love Scooters!

Jake & Ellie love scooting, & they love their scooters.


They take them out everywhere: to the local playground, to our country park, even just zooming around on the footpaths. Now that we have a decent-sized garden they can zoom around there as well!

They love the thrill of speed, the joy of accomplishment in learning to ride them well, they even love racing each other.

Although Jake almost always wins, and not just because he’s more competitive!

Scooters are of course not only great fun, but at a time when there’s so much concern over childhood obesity & unhealthy lifestyles they’re also great for helping our young ones have a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle.

The ones they use at the moment are great but sooner or later, as they grow,  they’ll need an upgrade.

Until then I’m sure they’ll continue to enjoy the ones they have.


This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are mine & all the words – even the long ones – are my own.


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