It’s the way that we tell ’em…

It started at our last meal out.

It was a child-friendly restaurant where they had activity sheets to keep the young ones occupied.

They nearly worked…

Along with the usual colouring-in the sheets had a few jokes, which we read out to them.

They laughed. A lot.

Did they understand them? I’m not sure. But they at least understood that they were meant to be funny.

Either way the result is that they’ve starting telling jokes of their own.

They’re hilarious.

Here’s an example: “What do you call a monster with a hat on his head?”

“I don’t know: what do you call a monster with a hat on his head?”


Cue much laughing.

They tried out some of their repertoire on some children at the playground. There was silence. They weren’t used to that! A bit thrown, Ellie then asked: “Was that funny?”


Tough crowd!

Sadly, I think, their career as comedians now seems to have stalled.

Mind you, when I give Jake & Ellie a gem like “What do you call a dinosaur with bad eyesite?” “A do-ya-think-he-saurus!” I just get blank looks.

I guess there’s just no accounting for taste!

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22 thoughts on “It’s the way that we tell ’em…”

  1. My two often come out with random jokes that they have created too! The giggles are what make me laugh over the joke itself.
    My dad still likes to wind me up about a knock knock joke I made as a child…

    Knock knock
    Who’s there
    Eye Who
    Eye ball with blood and vessels.

    Yea, it’s not good!

    1. Exactly: their laughter is infectious! And I find them funny because they’re sort-of ‘non-joke’ jokes; almost like post-modern, alternative humour.

      And I like your joke! πŸ™‚

  2. Ha! I love those pointless kids’ jokes. My eldest (six at the time) got up on stage when we were on holiday and said, ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ ‘Because he needed a haircut!’ Cue the tumbleweed… Great post πŸ™‚

  3. How funny – my post this week is about the same subject! Great minds on the title πŸ™‚ I wonder when they really ‘get’ jokes, my 7yo seems to be starting to..! The 4yo is still at the completely random sentences stage, either that or just being revolting πŸ™‚

    1. I can see Jake going that way – he already finds anything involving pee & especially poo hilarious! πŸ™‚

      By the way, I loved your post, & your son’s very clever & funny but embarassing joke (& the title of course!), but I tried to comment but couldn’t for some reason

  4. Oh I love it when other people’s children discover jokes. They are so not funny! I’m ecstatic to have finally passed this phase now, even if it does mean that every joke involves Winnie the Witch and custard. Or Moshi Monsters and wee… Thanks for linking up x

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