The Joys of Being Comfortable

In what now feels like a former life – the one before I became a stay-at-home / hands-on Dad – I used to go out to work, a lot of the time to work in an office.

I did the usual.

I carried a briefcase. I’m not really sure why: most of the time it only contained a newspaper & (sometimes) my lunch.

I had shiny black shoes. When it was cold I wore a big, thick overcoat. When it rained I carried a black umbrella & wore a (usually beige) raincoat.

No bowler hat though – what do you take me for?!

I wore nice shirts with a tie; sometimes the shirts were even ironned! I wore a suit. I liked looking trying to look smart; I liked wearing a suit. I may have even, at times, looked OK in my suit – mostly depending on if my waistline was feeling expansive. Which – to be honest – it was a lot of the time!

It could even have been said that I suited my suit (sorry…).

No photos, I’m afraid: those days mostly predate digital photography, believe it or not!

Whether or not I looked smart, I can’t say that I felt comfortable.

Now that I no longer – at least for now – go out to work I’ve found that being comfortable is one of my current job’s great perks!

This morning, for instance, while I beavered away at this & that as I do now – it not being my turn on the pre-school run – I was in my PJs all morning! Bliss.

Then I slipped into something only slightly less comfortable. Something not unlike this stuff.

Let’s be clear here: I don’t wear stuff exactly like that. And if I did, I wouldn’t tell – not here, anyway. But I do have & enjoy hoodies & sweatshirts very like that – just with a little less shape!

They’re practical as well as comfortable, & my hoodies can even keep me dry as well warm in the rain, great as Autumn sets in & turns into Winter.

So here’s to being comfortable, & being at home! Although in my case that may not be for much longer – but that’s another story 🙂

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are mine & all the words – even the long ones – are my own.


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