How to Cook

You may have noticed  – and the readers of this blog, all 3 of you, I’m sure are smarter than the average bear – that this purports to be a parenting blog.

There’s a bit of an elephant in the room here though. Cooking is quite an important part of raising children, & it’s not my strong-point: hence the absence of posts about it.

I’m not suggesting that you cook an elephant, by the way: I suspect even an AGA couldn’t manage that. Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.

You see what I mean? Cooking: not exactly my specialist subject.

I can cook, or at least I have done, but my last attempt nearly started a fire. And that’s not a joke!

I’ve seen so many great parenting blogs that have posts full of great cooking tips & recipes for mouth-wateringly good food, & have often thought that it was a bit of a shame that I couldn’t do that myself.

That’s why I was so pleased to host a guest post here yesterday with some really good autumn recipes to try out.

And I’m now inspired, so inspired that I want to present my first, very own recipe post!


  1. Select your ingredients
  2. Stab, stab, stab!
  3. Insert in oven
  4. Set the controls (muttering to yourself “for the heart of the sun” is optional, but I always do it)
  5. Wait a few minutes
  6. Ding!
  7. Remove from oven
  8. Wait a bit more
  9. Open packet
  10. Eat

I know, right? I bet you just can’t wait to try it out!

On a slightly more serious note: let’s just say that I’m out of practice.

I would like to cook more though, & who knows, one day I may be even be able to post my own cooking tips or recipes here!

In the meantime you could do a lot worse than have a look at a proper cooking blog like Reluctant Housedad’s Recipe Shed. I rarely read it myself because it always makes me hungry, but it looks really good.

And I’ve just noticed that this reads a bit like some sort of sponsored post. It’s not. I just admire people who are really good at things that I’m not so good at. Yet? And yes: that’s a long list, but cooking is up there! 


5 thoughts on “How to Cook”

  1. I’ve been trying to comment on your post but to no avail. It keeps asking me to log in, and then I hit a buffer.  No matter, I just wanted to say ‘great post’ and to thank you for mentioning my blog, Reluctant Housedad’s Recipe Shed. Very much appreciated.  I’ve just spent a weekend in Manchester looking after my sick dad – and your ‘stab, stab, stab’ method of cooking came in very handy!  All the best Keith


    1. That’s odd! I don’t specify a need for a log-in; I try to make it as easy as i can for people to comment. I’ll look into it; & I’m glad you appreciate my cooking tips: learning from the master, eh? 😉

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