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We’re having THAT conversation – now?!

We’d just finished their Saturday morning dance class – ballet & tap – which they’d really enjoyed.

We were sitting around drinking juice & hot drinks & eating crisps in the cafe there, which has now become something of a tradition.

There had been general chat about the class etc. but now, as there often is when children are focussed on eating & drinking, there was silence.

A silence suddenly broken by Jake:

“How do we die?”


Time stopped

When it started again the Mummy & I realised we’d done well not to spit out our drinks.

I silently noted the use of the word “we”. How can a 3-year-old be so self-aware?!

We just looked at each other, in deep shock. With Jake looking on at us, expectantly.

There was a pause, then she was the first to respond.

To be honest my memory is a bit blurry; I think I’m still in a state of shock. It was very good though, something along the lines of:

“As we get very old we get slower & slower, until our bodies finally just stop working”.

What else can you say?! I didn’t know: I was thrown, & I’m really pleased that the Mummy had such presence of mind that she was able to respond so well & so quickly.

Jake seemed satisfied with that, & we moved on. Nothing more was said nor has been since.

We carried on sipping & snacking in silence. Although what thoughts were going through Jake & Ellie’s heads I really don’t know.


9 thoughts on “We’re having THAT conversation – now?!

  1. Crikey! I have that yet to come with the little ones. Big was always a show stopper with statements about his “other Mum last time he was here” He never asked about it though, he was always the one telling me! xx

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