1-DSCN0845Over the last few days Jake has been complaining of a sore mouth, & it’s been interfering with his eating a little; also a sore foot.

We found what looked like an infected insect bite on his foot but couldn’t see anything in his mouth.

It turns out he has a mild case of Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease, an infectious but otherwise mostly harmless condition that causes little blisters. With Calpol, lots of liquids & TLC it should be gone by the weekend, & already he seems better.

We were really worried that he might have had a cavity – we’re so relieved!

As for me, I have a nervous habit: many people bite their nails – but not me, oh no! I just have to be different! Instead, I pick my lip. I don’t know why; I just do.

Jake & Ellie have taken it upon themselves to cure me of my condition. When they see me doing it I get “Don’t pick your lip!”, usually with a waggling finger.

Although since Ellie herself has started biting her nails she’s been slightly less vocal. Probably because I come back with “Don’t bite your nails!”.

For pudding on Tuesday Jake had some sliced apple & a treat of chocolate pieces. Even though he wanted to he didn’t eat them as it was hurting his mouth, so he very generously gave them to me & told me that I could eat them instead.

There was a condition however!

“Daddy, you can eat my pudding, but only if you don’t pick your lip. If you pick your lip you can’t have any pudding, OK? OK, Daddy?”

“Yes, Jake: OK, thank you”

He’ll make a very good Daddy himself one day I’m sure, & I told him so.

I ate my pudding, & I didn’t pick my lip: like a good boy!

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9 thoughts on “Touché!”

  1. Brilliant! I love that they pick (no pun intended!) up on something and use it to their advantage. Could be worse, you might have been in a public place. Hope Jake is feeling better and you’re not picking your lip 🙂

  2. awww i think this is lovely if not infuriating! your secret is out!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    (Sorry for the delay in getting round … families, who’d have em! )

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