The New JDaddy

Jake, the other day, to me:

“Daddy, you can eat my pudding, but only if you don’t pick your lip. If you pick your lip you can’t have any pudding, OK? OK, Daddy?”

A bit – Wow.

Very like my saying: “Ellie, you can have some ice-cream, but you have to clear up your toys first”.

Or: “Yes Jake, you can watch ‘Ben & Holly’s Little Lazytown Backyardigan Swashbuckle’ but only when you stop sitting on your sister”

And it wasn’t just what was said, it was also the way he said it: it was almost like listening to myself in a higher pitch!

He’s very keen on getting me to stop my bad habit, has noticed our best parenting technique, & is using it himself.

In other words: he’s learnt bribery how to use incentives to encourage desirable behaviour!!

And is using it on me!

I’m not sure whether to be very proud, or very frightened.

And as usual I think I’m both.

Things could get interesting around here now, so watch this space!


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