Dear Tesco…

The Tesco Clubcard logo.
The Tesco Clubcard logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We tried to make the above order (on Saturday), for a mobile phone, using e-vouchers accrued via clubcard points.

Immediately after making the order we needed to change the delivery option. For some reason there was no option to do so although this is standard for most websites, such as amazon.

Instead we cancelled the order in the expectation that we would be able to make it again immediately with a different delivery option.

We were then very disappointed & surprised to find that the e-vouchers had not been refunded as we expected, an expectation borne out of experience with most other online shops.

As a result we are now unable to make this order using the e-vouchers which we have accumulated as loyal customers, & cannot otherwise buy this mobile phone which we greatly need.

Due to other problems with the Tesco Mobile site we have been trying to get a ‘phone there for many weeks.

Upon asking via online chat if the vouchers could be refunded straight away we were, politely but condescendingly, refused & told that we would just have to wait for Tesco’s usual process. Your representative was unable to give a firm date as to when our account would be credited with the vouchers. The best they could manage was “sometime in November”.

We had the same response on twitter.

We feel very aggrieved, & feel that we are the victims not only of great inefficiency but very uncaring to the point of callous & unprofessional customer service.

We are again politely asking that the vouchers be refunded immediately to our account so they are again available to use.

We would like to point out that Regulation 14(3) of the Distance Selling Regulations requires that “the supplier will make reimbursement of any sum paid within 30 days” of a cancelled order.

When asked directly Tesco’s online representatives, via your chat facility & via twitter, flatly refused to do this. We have visual & digital records of these conversations.

Would you please refund our payment for reuse as soon as possible.

Please respond within 7 days.

Watch this space…

More next week, one way or another

This is a ‘Ranty Friday’ post. For more of them just click here to go & see the one & only Mummy Barrow


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