A Special Treat

1-1-DSCN0762Usually the Mummy takes Jake & Ellie into pre-school in the mornings on the way to her work, but last Thursday she had to leave early so I was on duty.

They were fine; it was fine.

Walking up the alley towards our side-gate, Ellie turned & said to me “This is a treat!”

“Me taking you into school?”


She knows how to make her Daddy happy…

In the evening Jake independently drew his first letter: a big ‘C’ on the chalkboard, inspired by Clever Cat from the Letterland programme at pre-school!

I like to think he had extra inspiration of course from the “treat” of having Daddy take him to school…

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9 thoughts on “A Special Treat”

  1. So sweet! This year my husband told my daughter he’d got her an extra surprise for her birthday. She thought it was him picking her up from school! That wasn’t the plan, but how could he say no after that?!

  2. Aw bless them 🙂 I made Daddy come with us to pick Ben up from school a couple of weeks ago as he was home from work early and I just knew Ben would be SO excited. His face was a picture 🙂

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