It will be Christmas soon…

Christmas in the post-War United States
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It will soon be Christmas!

You may have noticed.

As I think so many of us are, I’m very mixed about Christmas.

There are things I love – especially since becoming a Dad – but there are also

Things I Hate: 

1) The crowds.

Mad shoppers rushing, pushing, everywhere.

I’ve often found that if I need to pop out for even a tube of toothpaste I have to remember my old rugby skills – specifically mauling, rucking, scrummaging, tackling & the odd judicious use of the elbow when the ref’s not looking – while standing in a long irritated queue for hours on end. I’ve often ended up putting off all shopping from November until February. And stocking up on toothpaste.

2) The music

It’s everywhere! There is no escape!

In the shops, on TV, on the radio, online. You’d probably have to live on the moon to get away from it! And I have considered that, but I’m not sure I’d be safe even there.

I actually quite like a lot of Christmas music. Just not so much after the first 100 times. Every day. Every year.

It almost makes me want to put on some good quality music like One Direction just for a bit of relief. Almost…

Which brings me to:

2a) The Christmas Single

Write a rubbish pop tune that you’d never get away with releasing at any other time, chuck some jingle bells into the cutesy chorus, call it a Christmas song, release it just before the Christmas chart.

That Cliff has a lot to answer for…

For a bonus have it sung by vicars / nuns / orphans / soldiers’ wives; ideally all 4 together.

Christmas no. 1? More like a ‘number 2’…

3) The forced jollity

I reserve the right to be grumpy if circumstances dictate. And just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean I am required by law or social convention to be deliriously, madly happy at every hour of every day. OK? OK.

4) Buying presents

I’m rubbish at buying presents. Most of my family live on the other side of the world so if I’m going to send anything decent I need to start in about… June. I think. So I usually forget.

And as a male, I am contractually obliged to leave all present buying to the very last minute, & I take my responsibilities very seriously. It’s 1 thing when your loved ones live nearby & you can always grab a bunch of flowers from the nearest garage. Not so good when they live half a planet away.

It doesn’t help that several of my family also have birthdays around Christmas as well!

And I never know what to buy! It might be easier if the women in my life were very girly but they’re not, particularly. And that’s fine. But it usually means that easy options like accessorising, bags, shoes, jewelry etc. aren’t there, & I have to be more creative.

For “creative” you could read “amazon vouchers”, if you were being a bit unkind. And you might say that but I couldn’t possibly comment…


Well, I was actually planning to also write about “Things I Love” about Christmas – and, believe it or not, there are some!

It’s just that, for some reason, this post full of things I hate about Christmas has gone on for a lot longer than I’d planned…

I think then that I’ll have to do that post another time!

In the meantime, um: Merry Christmas?

This is a sponsored post, but a genuine one, & all the words – even the big ones – are my own.

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9 thoughts on “It will be Christmas soon…”

  1. I really agree with a lot of what you’ve said here, especially your comments about Christmas music and Christmas singles. That said, I actually feel that having the winners of X-Factor as almost nailed-on certainties to be Christmas number 1 is perhaps even worse than having a naff cheesy Christmas single there (…even if it’s by Cliff!).

  2. You leave Sir Cliff alone he is a legend!!! I have already started my Christmas shopping (look at me go) as this year I was looking at my aunties birthday 1st dec, OHs birthday 5th Dec, mine 10th, our 3 year anniversary 18th Dec. So I found the perfect Christmas gift for OH and have had it for months, cost a small fortune but I knew he would love it so didn’t care – then we went on a break……

    Serves me right for trying to be anything but my unorganised last minute self!

    1. “Wired for Sound”, “Mistletoe & Wine” – really? He was good when he was rock’n’roll. & I like Devil Woman, tho 🙂

      Yes, I am impressed: looks like you have your work cut out!

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