The Mercedes CLA: A Daddy Vehicle with Style

This is a guest post written especially for “Whiskey For Aftershave”  by auto expert David Newman.  You can read more about him below.

Remember your very first car? Remember how you felt about it and loved the fact that it was yours?

Things sure change when you are a dad. Now, buying a car isn’t so much about what you want, but what will work with a young family. You need to strike that balance between practicality and your desire for that stylish, good looking, sexy, high performance, eye-catching vehicle. There may only be one letter difference in the two words, but after all, being dad is not being dead.

That’s why it was so exciting to discover the Mercedes-Benz CLA. I came across a BBC Top Gear article that stated “No-one else makes a four-door, coupe-esque saloon of this size.” I spent some time on Google, saw some photos and I was intrigued. This was a car that seemed to have it all, especially for a young dad.

On the practical side it has four-doors, it gets up to 62.8 mpg and emits just 117g/km. It has decent interior room and employs unparalleled safety features. I also found some pretty impressive personal finance offers on a Mercedes CLA for sale at L&L Automotive in Hertfordshire. With a small deposit, I could can have a CLA 180 Sport for £319 per month, or could upgrade to the high performance Mercedes CLA 180 AMG sport for just £359 per month.

Ok, so far so good. My right brain was satisfied.

Now the real fun began. The Mercedes CLA has a terrific profile, long bonnet and sculpted sides that give it a very sexy, sporty look. Inside, it has ergonomic sport seats, a free floating 5.8 inch flat-screen display, and aircraft vents. An optional panoramic sunroof adds to the open feel of the cockpit. According to the Top Gear article, “the CLA is a car that doesn’t just want to run…it wants to soar.” Best of all, it had all the amenities of, well…a Mercedes.

It offers the most comprehensive cloud-based telematics system on the planet. It has a sports tuned suspension that makes it incredibly responsive. The list went on and on.

It was in fact, the stylish, good looking, sexy, high performance, eye catching vehicle I was looking for. Oh, I did mention practical didn’t I? It was perhaps the perfect “Daddy Vehicle”. It was a car I could drive, have fun in and look good in. It was a car even my kids could love. Perhaps best of all is that the personal finance offers made it a Mercedes that was affordable.

The Mercedes CLA…it may not have been created specifically for dads but it sure is worth a daddy look.

This is a guest blog post for whiskeyforaftershave by David Newman. David works as digital marketer for Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire, in the past David has working on marketing level for a variety of premium and volume selling brands, including Saab, Vauxhall, Citroen and MB. David is a keen sailor and, automotive enthusiast and loves all things digital. David welcomes followers via his social sites, Motor Trade Book, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+.

This is a sponsored post

PS: I want one!


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