It’s almost enough to turn me vegetarian…

This one came while I was driving to a new soft-play place this morning & they were both sitting in the back of the car, chatting away.

Jake: “Ellie, I want to tell you something”


“Did you know that farmers use dead pigs to make sausages and bacon?”

“Oh. No. No, I didn’t”

A pause

“Are you sure?”


“I don’t think so, Jake”

“Yes! Mummy told me”


It went on…

I said nothing, & just sniggered to myself a little, in slight shock. Although that’s nothing compared to recent conversations (see below)!

Once again, I don’t really know what I could say to that anyway.

Usually Jake’s favoured sandwich filling is cream cheese.

Ellie’s? Ham.

I wonder if that will now change…

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