Well, at least it’s good that you’ve told me…

We were watching an old favourite, The Smurfs.

Ellie was being quite chatty.

“I had a baby and when the baby saw Gargamel she got scared & she went back in my tummy!”

Um, right…

Well, they have been studying ‘the body’ at pre-school, but I had no idea they’d got quite that far!

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12 thoughts on “Well, at least it’s good that you’ve told me…”

    1. We’re quite open about how they used to be “in Mummy’s tummy” – they’ve seen the photos on my screensaver – so I guess they’ve worked it out! I wasn’t expecting that though – they have a talent for the unexpected!

    1. It really is! To be fair to their pre-school teachers though she probably got that from us (.i.e: the Mummy), not them. I doubt even a very progressive school would teach reproduction to 3-year-olds! We try to be open & honest with them if we can, taking into account their age of course:so they know that babies come from their Mummies’ tummies, but that’s about it 🙂

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