It’s Magic!

During term break we treated ourselves to a trip to Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire, a great place for a fun family day out.

One of the highlights when we go there, if it’s on, has been the Magic Show, & this was no exception!

Jake & Ellie are nothing if not enthusiastic. When Mr Magic Man calls for volunteers they always put their hands up & shout “Me! Me!” & are always disappointed when they’re not chosen.

So this time he again asked for a volunteer, & as usual they enthusiastically thrust their hands up into the air. He asked for ‘someone brave’ & I heard Ellie – and I think Jake too – shout “I’m brave! I’m brave!”.

He must have believed her: this time Ellie was chosen, & up on stage she went!

Jake of course was a bit put out, but we told him he might get his chance another time, & he seemed happy with that.

She looked so tiny up there! She is here, behind the magician who’s helpfully letting me photograph her with him…


Apologies for the poor picture quality: my camera has broken again!


She was brave, but as soon as she got up on stage she seemed to get scared, & really tensed up!


She was great though, & still did pretty much everything that was asked of her without hesitation! 1-DSC00475 The trick was to ‘hypnotise’ her & the volunteer Big Strong Dad with a magic hypnodisc (which she wasn’t looking at!) then ‘transfer their strength’. 1-DSC00476 The Dad then had to lift a little weight. He couldn’t!

Ellie then had a go, & of course  – having been magically imbued with the strength of the Big Strong Dad – lifted it easily! 1-DSC00478-001 Magic!

I love how embarassed the Dad looks, being shown up by a tiny little girl, even though he knew it was only a trick!

She said later that she enjoyed it, but when she came back down to us she said of the Magician: “I don’t like him. I like Daddy, & Mummy, & Jake – but I don’t like him”.

I think it was her way of saying that she got a bit of stage fright!

And actually he was brilliant with her. Chatting to us later he told us that he was quite worried as it’s always a risk when he gets someone so young up on stage: quite often they burst into tears & run off! Ellie was great though, playing along brilliantly – although I was a bit worried that she might have ‘a little accident’….

A magical & funny part of a magical & fun day!

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