The Name of the Game

Jake has ‘a bit of a thing’ for gaming.

The games he wants to play on my PC, the Mummy’s laptop. my (now broken) iPod or our recently purchased Hudl are mostly aimed at older children & adults.

He’s actually pretty good at many of them – he’s amazed us with his computer skills actually – but inevitably gets frustrated when he crashes for the nth time & has to start again, or when he gets to a level that he just can’t finish.

We bought him a LeapPad2 for his 3rd birthday but the games there just haven’t grabbed him: he seems to need something with more of a challenge, or with more excitement.

So, at the suggestion of our Monkey Music group leader I dragged out my old Nintendo Wii & after a bit of research & shopping around managed to find an age-appropriate game that he really enjoyed, based on the “Go Diego Go!” TV series.

We used to hear: “Mummy, can I play on your paputer?” (Cue Ellie: “Jake, it’s com-puter!”. Yes, thank you Hermione.)

or, “Daddy, can I play on your iPod?”

or “Can I play on my iPad?” (Despite our corrections that’s what he calls his LeapPad – wishful thinking, probably!)

He got really excited when we told him about the new computer. And when we told him it was a called a “Wii” he of course found that HILARIOUS.

So now we get: “Can I play on the Pee-Pad?”

We did correct him – after we (eventually) stopped laughing.

But that’s just too good to let slip, so my Nintendo Wii has now been officially renamed “The Pee-Pad”!

Do you think we should tell Mr Nintendo? I think he ought to know!


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