A Very Christmassy Adventure

We had a great day out on Saturday, & a rare family foray outside! This autumn we’ve all been taking turns catching one lurgi or another; there’s hardly been a time when at least 1 of the twins hasn’t been sick with something or other so we’ve mostly stayed inside where it’s warm & dry!

Saturday however was special – & luckily for us we were all relatively well – because we’d booked to go to our local country park to see Father Christmas feeding his reindeer!

We were on time. Which is good going for us!

Santa wasn’t. I guess he’s pretty busy at this time of year.

We waited quite a while; fortunately not so long that the twins started to get restless. They were excited about it all & that kept them going, & they’re much more grown up now, so much better at waiting & at making their own fun.

After a while though…what’s that on the horizon? A bird? A ‘plane? A UFO?


At first I thought Santa had bagged a hovercraft, but soon it became clear: it was the SantaMobile!


And soon he had his reindeer in behind following faithfully! And hungrily too, I think



Jake was happy! That’s his “I’m happy so I’m pulling a funny face” look, by the way – honest!


He did actually gave me a proper smile too before being silly, which gave me this week’s ‘Silent Sunday’ photo.

Father Christmas did stroll past to say hello to us all but I must have been too busy waving to get his photo! And for a big guy he can move pretty fast when he wants to! I did manage to get a bit more close & personal to some of his reindeer though.


Jake & Ellie’s only disappointment seemed to be that they couldn’t see Rudolph. The answer to that – of course – is that his nose only glows red on Christmas Eve just as he’s about to help pull Santa’s sleigh. They seemed happy with that!

We were then going to head home but we thought we’d pop in to the Christmas Fair there on the way. Also, we were hungry!


It was great. There were loads of interesting stalls – not that we bought much! – set inside the fabulous Victorian Orangery. There was a great bouncy castle for the kids & a brass band playing Christmas carols. 1-DSC_0221

And Father Christmas had made it there too, even after the exertion of feeding all his reindeer!


After having a great deal of fun we went home to make Christmas cards, where they amazed me – especially Jake – by designing them & applying the glue & decorations pretty much by themselves!

All in all a great Christmas day out!

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