My Silent Sunday Photo 22/12/13



26 thoughts on “My Silent Sunday Photo 22/12/13”

    1. I usually enjoy it, actually! They’re good most of the time…

      This is from a children’s gym we go to regularly, 1 of their favourite places. They got to play there for as long as they liked as it’s the school hols πŸ™‚

    1. I’d be very impressed if you could remember yours! We love soft play too but this is actually from the children’s gym they go to regularly, for classes every week & for free play – usually after pre-school – most weeks.

    1. Hadn’t thought of that; you may be right. I can’t imagine our not going to soft-play (or in this case a children’s gym); they love it so much, & it’s vital for burning off energy!

      You too x

    1. Feel free! Ours come & go with that though too: at the moment they’re playing together really nicely; probably more than they ever have before. As well as fighting, of course!

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