Tired, scared, sore, smelly & frozen!

I’ve had an eventful December, especially the last couple of weeks! I’m just now finding the time to write about it.

In less than 2 weeks  I’ve been in 3 car breakdowns, having to be towed each time. The last one  – Saturday – was on the hard shoulder of a busy dual carriageway just ahead of a slip road, in the dark & the cold.

With Jake & Ellie.

The AA took an hour & 15 minutes to arrive! Jake & Ellie were amazing. They don’t trust me to drive now though, & the next day were most insistent that Mummy did all the driving!

We moved house, on the 23rd. I spent 12 hours on Christmas Eve clearing & cleaning the old rental & ended up missing Jake & Ellie opening their presents from Santa at the in-laws’ where we were spending Christmas.

The new house absolutely STINKS of stale fag smoke! It hits you as soon as you walk in. The previous owners were – as a neighbour has described them – “professional smokers”, & the place is filthy. We’re really surprised we didn’t realise how bad it was when viewing; I guess I thought the smell was just coming from them as I’d seen them smoking as I arrived. It seems to follow us around when we’re out of the house, making me feel like Discworld’s Foul Ole’ Ron!

It’s making us feel sick, affecting noses & throats, & Ellie has been coughing in the night. I’m worried about the effect it might be having on their health!

Getting rid of it is a priority; I just wish I’d been able to do it before we moved our stuff in. I’ve tried putting cider vinegar all over the place but it hasn’t made much difference. Tomorrow we’re having the carpets professionally cleaned – with chrystals! – and I want to get a professional cleaner in to thoroughly clean every surface. Even that may not be enough & we still may need to repaint  / revarnish everything.

I was very anti-smoking before; I’m even more so now.

Today was an eventful day in an eventful month, including a first: Jake & Ellie’s first trip to the cinema!

They love films, & have done since very young. I guess we haven’t ventured out before as we’ve been concerned that they might not sit still & quietly in public for a whole film.

We saw ‘Frozen’,  having heard Good Things about it.

Did they like it?

Hint: we needn’t have worried about their attention span; Jake especially was rapt throughout.

I was actually planning for that to be the main subject of this post but I’ve managed to waffle on at length about my mad month, so I’ll have another go tomorrow, if that’s OK!

In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a great Christmas, & 1 maybe not as crazy as mine!


5 thoughts on “Tired, scared, sore, smelly & frozen!”

  1. Goodness! Sorry to hear about the car issues. I’m the type that gets wrapped up if I’m even so much as bumped. And yes, not good timing with moving houses. Good luck with clearing the air. Not a big smoking fan here either.

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