Art Appreciation

Magic Moments.

Despite my recent travails & stressful Christmas there have been so many!

For instance, this one:

Ellie was drawing a great picture – her drawing & colouring-in have really come on lately. She told us that it was “a lovely flower”.

click to enlarge

Jake was impressed!

Showing it to us when she was finished he said:

“It’s beautiful! It’s so beautiful I can’t even look at it!”, gesticulating wildly, his arms in the air – as he does.

He then thanked Ellie for her beautiful picture & gave her a big kiss!

He did seem genuine, although he may have been trying to make up for earlier upsetting Ellie by drawing on her picture without asking: he’s been a mission to be as good as he can lately!

Whatever his motivation it was definitely a Magic Moment!

For more Magic Moments just click the pic:


8 thoughts on “Art Appreciation”

  1. OMG “It’s so beautiful I can’t even look at it!” I love it! I hope my boys grow up to be best friends. Sibling relationships are so important to me!

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