The Gallery: New


Where do I start?

We’ve had lots of ‘new’ here lately!

Little car has a new clutch. It broke down while I was driving off to get it fixed & I had to be towed to the garage by the AA.

It also has a new heater control valve. The day after it came back with its new clutch so much steam was coming out of the engine that I could barely see to drive. I struggled to a nearby carpark, via a dual-carriageway in heavy rush-hour traffic, in the dark. Then had to be towed to the garage by the AA.

Medium car also has a new clutch. It broke down on the way to soft-play with Jake & Ellie as I realised there was a problem & had turned around to head back. It just wouldn’t make it up that hill! Around a bend, just past the slip road on the hard shoulder of a busy dual carriageway, heater wouldn’t work, it was cold. By the time help arrived – an hour & 1/4! – it had been dark for some time. With traffic zooming past & a few times swerving to avoid us I have to confess I was little scared. Jake & Ellie were brilliant though, & I kept their spirits up with extra treats of chocolate left over from Christmas, & toys I found in the boot. We had to be towed to the garage by the AA.

I’m very popular with that garage at the moment.  Our wallet & purse, & probably the AA, aren’t quite so happy.

We have a new house. It’s almost literally over the fence from Jake & Ellie’s school & they’re loving being able to walk there & back. And the Mummy & I are loving not having to do the school run drive any more.


We moved at Christmas. On Christmas Eve I had to spend 12 hours cleaning, clearing  & tidying the old rental we had left in the hope that the landlord – not the most pleasant chap I’ve ever encountered – wouldn’t try to keep our deposit. I have a new hole in the knee of my year-old jeans.

Our new house feels like new all over again. It now has a new smell. Or rather, (nearly) the lack of the old awful smell left by the chain-smoking, cleanliness-challenged, dog-indulging former occupants. After much intense carpet, kitchen, bathroom, floor & wall cleaning we’re hoping we might finally have got rid of it! Most of it, anyway…

Now maybe we can unpack.

Jake & Ellie have new shoes: their feet keep doing that growing thing. Also new school bags & new lunchboxes.

And – saving the best until last – I have a new coat: yay me! I’ve been jealous of Jake & Ellie’s padded, waterproof, hooded ones for some time so finally got 1 to match!

It’s a new year & I’m hoping that all the new things that come our way this year will mostly be good ones.

And (I hope you’re having a) Happy New Year!

I haven’t contributed to ‘Sticky Fingers’ Tara’s ‘Gallery’ for ages: I’m not really sure why! Over the life of this blog, along with ‘Silent Sunday’  it’s been 1 of the blog linkies I’ve participated in the most, & have thoroughly enjoyed. So here’s to a new beginning, & taking part regularly again!

So to go to Tara’s blog for more Gallery posts like this just click the pic:

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6 thoughts on “The Gallery: New”

  1. Lots of new things! Sorry to hear you had to spend Christmas Eve scrubbing, followed by more scrubbing in your new house, but hope you are starting to get settled in now

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