Film Appreciation

Now where was I?

Oh, yes: ‘Frozen’: Jake & Ellie’s first trip to the cinema! Last year.

Yes: bit of a gap; I know I wrote “tomorrow”. I’ve had a lot going on here lately…

As I said, they love films, & have done since very young. Early favourites were ‘The Jungle Book’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ & ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. More recently they’ve both loved ‘Tangled’ & Jake has fallen in love with ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’. And actually I may have as well!

We needn’t have worried about their ability to sit through the film without being noisy or running around: they loved it! Jake especially was rapt throughout, almost entranced.

Knowing that ‘Frozen’ is by the same people who made ‘Tangled’ we were slightly surprised to find that, along with featuring a really scary monster, it dealt with quite adult themes, more so even than that film. For instance characters apparently acting badly (“being naughty”) but feeling that they have to do so to protect their loved ones, deception where apparent ‘good guys’ might turn out to be not as they seem, ‘Heroes’ & ‘Villains’ who aren’t clear-cut ‘Goodies’ or ‘Baddies’ but fall somewhere in between – much as in real life.

These seem to me to be quite complex concepts to assimilate into the relatively simple world of a 3-year-old, so I was quite surprised & impressed that they both took to it so much!

There is of course much for the young mind, eye & ear to enjoy. The film looks stunning, the characters look great & are wonderfully animated, tremendously expressive, superbly voiced & have great dialogue. The music is terrific, & the soundtrack I think is worth buying on its own. There’s magic, knockabout action, laughs & silliness.


And it is Disney so I don’t think that I’ll be giving much away if I say that it has a happy ending…

Afterwards Jake, these days the more extroverted of our 2, was ecstatic. The hallways on the way to the loo were lined with posters for other, mostly children’s, films. He excitedly ran along up to each one, pointing at them & shouting “I want to see that one! And that one! And that one! I want to see ALL the films!!”.

I think he enjoyed himself! As did Ellie, albeit in her more restrained way.

Which is just as well: as it was their first trip to the cinema we splashed out for the deluxe seats, & they cost a small fortune!

Sadly though our evening was slightly spoilt as we left. Strategically placed, it seems, so that we had to walk next to it to get to the exit was an arcade game area. They went crazy, wanting to play! We gave in to let them try a horse-racing machine, but it was broken.

Jake’s interest though was elsewhere: he saw older boys on another machine & really really wanted a go.

It was a ‘Terminator’ shoot-em-up machine.

Shooting masses of people with highly realistic graphics & sounds using a replica machine-gun? For a 3-year-old? I don’t think so.

It’s disgraceful that going past this is unavoidable on the way out; even more so that such graphic violence is so easily visible & accessible to children of any age!

I had to carry Jake kicking & screaming all the way back to the car.

Thanks a bunch, Odeon! Your cinema experience was terrific but of this you should be ashamed. Please sort it out!

What is means is that our enthusiasm for returning has gone, & we’re not sure we will be at all now. Such a shame!

So their first cinema trip: quite an experience!

Hopefully we can go again soon, probably to a different venue; one without the incitement to participate in simulated ultra-violent mass-murder…

But the film was great 🙂

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