Flashback Friday: A Sunny Medieval Fair!

I always seem to have many more posts that I’d like to write than I have time or energy for.

I often remember great things we’ve done, a lot of the time prompted by looking back at old photos, & find myself thinking “Why didn’t I make a post about this?!”.

Cue Mummy Mishaps’ ‘Flashback Friday’ blog-linky: perfect for those posts that seem to have slipped through the net, or for sharing a memory.

And as an added bonus this post features something we used to have a lot of here, although it seems hard to imagine now: Sunshine! Hopefully something we’ll be rediscovering soon!

Back in August our beloved country park put on a Medieval Fair, & it was a terrific day out for us.

Walking up the hill, the first view of the fair appears over the horizon

The first attractions we encountered were a couple of medieval ‘sporting’ competitions. We thought jousting might be a bit rough for our little 3-year-olds, but firing footballs out of a Trebuchet? Oh Yes!

Getting ready, the excitement building
Getting ready, the excitement building

I really really enjoyed this! And the twins did too. Certainly something a bit out of the ordinary!

The rest of the fair had a great range of activities & exhibits:, including ferret racing, hog roasts, mead, arts & crafts & stalls.

Surveying the scene

We particularly enjoyed the entertainment from the  ‘Court Jesters’: their shows were really skillful, they were really funny & they were brilliant at getting the audience involved in the action.

Catching juggling skittles on a tightrope
Juggling with fire!
Posing with the Jesters. I’m not sure where Jake is, possibly hiding at the back!

To cap off a great day, on the way back out we passed this:

We only went and won!

“Won Trebuchet-firing competition”. That’s got to be a big tick on some list of ours somewhere!

We also came away with a permanent memento from the fair, from the painting tent. I think it’s some of the best art Jake & Ellie have ever done, & it still has pride of place hanging on the wall in our new house.

1-DSCN0478Great memories of a great day out in the sun; allow me then to make a toast over a mug of mead for many more to come. Soon, please!

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21 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: A Sunny Medieval Fair!”

  1. What an amazing backdrop for a wonderful event, although the photos make me wish for some lovely warm sunshine. Well done to Ellie and Jake for holding the top score – I’m sure they were chuffed. Thanks for linking up and sharing your medieval fun with Country Kids.

  2. it is funny because even though we had one of the warmest and sunniest summers we have had for some time, with the weather as it has been now it is so easy to forget it ever happened!
    your day out looks like brilliant family fun – so much to see and do and in such glorious sunshine too! A perfect day out! I love the artwork – such vibrant colours and creativity
    thank you for linking up and sharing your memory from last summer x

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